Automation Testing for Software and Web Applications

Testers-HUB has been renowned company for all types of quality assurance in the digital media. When it comes to automation testing then this is totally based on the java scripts and some other languages like C#. Manual testing is the conventional style testing where professional use to write conditions in code and execute. There are numerous other things, which have been in the process so one must understand what to do and how to do? Automation testing is carried out by the various tools and the most prominent one is the QTP by HP. This is functional testing tool which is immensely popular throughout the world.

Automation testing is also changing with time. Nowadays various testing tools have come, which are very easy to execute even anybody who has less knowledge about the software development process can also try. There are various models in the software development namely waterfall model, spiral model, Iterative model etc. How software will be tested also depends on the type of model used in the development? Many models have software testing inscribed in it. Some IT giants namely Infosys, Wipro, Honeywell etc have developed their own tools for the software testing services.


We always say that we are different but question raises here how? Things, which make us different from others are as listed below:

  • We have developed in-built tools for software testing and client conversations
  • Clients become a part of the process as our manager will be always available to sort out queries.
  • Testers-HUB understands value of the client and this is the main reason why we have retained most of the clients.
  • Our technical and customer support both are available 24 by 7.
  • Testers-HUB has solid infra to deal with all types of projects. A Pioneer Solution for Software Testing Offshore Services

In India, you will recognize hundreds of website development companies but when it comes to software testing then there are only few names. What actually makes number of software testing companies fewer. There would be some problems in completion of projects that is why nowadays India is no more hot spot for the services because countries like Philippines, Bangladesh etc have emerged. Software testing services have been always matter of quest because this is something that people often look for. Gone are those days when there were only few companies and projects use to wander around them irrespective of their service’s quality. has started services with intention that we will maintain quality instead of getting project done at very lower cost than the regular ones. Company has settled two labs in the Pune as well as Bangalore so that services can be maintained at par. Along with Indian labs, we have Franchise in the USA where software testing labs is installed. We have more than 100 working professionals from numerous countries globally. With maintenance of services at threshold quality, we have emerged as the best company for software quality assurance.


Features with us:


  • 3 High quality labs, one in the US and two in India. We are located at the Bangalore 560036 and Pune Lohagaon.
  • More than 100 certified testers. We have various type of testers namely manual, automation, performance, web tester, app testers, security testers etc.
  • In our company, it has been must that testers must be certified with the ISQTB.
  • We are providing services all across India and USA ( salt lake city, Denver, Washington, NYC )


How to Select Software Testing Tools for Project?

It has been seen that software testers often get confused especially in the beginning days of their career for selection of tools. It is totally dependent on the type of project that which type of tool, you have to use. There is no other factor in the process. Nowadays, numerous tools are available in market quite easily. Some tools are paid while some are free too. If you opt for a free one then you will access limited features while paid version will bring various other features.


Software testing tools can be further divided into categories like:

  • Test management tools
  • Functional testing tools
  • Stress testing tool

As clear by names, test management tools are used to manage entire process of the testing. There are numerous tools available and most used ones are free one. Here you can create a team with testers, developers, client etc. Bug reporting, bug fix and all other actions are reported using this type of tool. Functional testing tools are those which are concerned with the functionality of project. QTP is the most popular functional testing tool. Stress or load testing is related with the performance of software or website.


Furthermore I would like to add that selection of tools should be done properly keeping projects requirement in consideration. Client is only concerned with the results, how to test is the responsibility of tester. Select the best tool and grab the results, you are looking for.

How to Identify Right Software Testing Company?

When it comes to quality assurance then there are plenty of things, which should be monitored before hiring anybody. Software testing is not development where you just need to do, how you do, it does not matter much? In testing, you need to care for how software been prepared too. Software verification is concerned with process which makes sure that product is right while software validation is concerned with right product development. These two are very important that product should be validated as well as verified.


We would like to make sure that there should be system to identify right testers. ISTQB is the only parameter where any software tester can be identified or assessed. Here we have brought some important points through which you can identify, which is the right company to hire for testing:

  • If you are hiring individual tester then you should make sure that tester should be certified by the ISTQB else it will not a good choice to go with. Gone are those days when there was no certification body and everybody claims to be perfect. Apart from ISTQB, there are few other similar bodies where testers get certification.
  • In case of testing company, you should be more active because there would be numerous testers over there and who is certified and who is not is a tough job to identify. Except CMM level, there is no other governing agency through which companies can be certified.
  • Check portfolio of company, which you are accessing for the software testing. It would be also possible that some companies try to trick by bringing fake portfolio list, which is really diverting. From portfolio, you should speak with some prominent buyers so that right can be accessed. One should never forget that nowadays everywhere IT based services are highly influenced by scammers so be conscious while hiring anybody.

There should be no doubt that system has changed a lot nowadays and many people have started hiring through websites like Upwork etc so in services of software quality assurances, quality is standing at number 1 position.


We are the best software testing company in Pune, India. We have team of manual testers as well as automation based testing.